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All of our Biz-Op/Home-Biz/MLM  leads are 100% opt-in. They are collected when individuals fill out registration forms on several high profile and high traffic partner websites requesting free information about mlm/home based business opportunities. Rest assured they are NOT harvested and these are NOT a spam list.

We sell each batch of leads no more than ONCE and never sell again. This is in keeping with our commitment to provide our customers with as fresh & responsive data as possible. We do not saturate our leads like some other lead sources do. 

We generate large volume of new leads each and every month . We generate leads on a ongoing basis to meet our individual customers and groups needs. That is why we can offer such low prices. We provide resellers and make money on volumes not on single purchases.

Leads data is delivered via email in .csv (coma separated variable format). Because we run lead generation campaigns in such high volume ordering through YourSite Saves You as Much as 80% as compared against other sources. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for delivery.

  • You'll never pay more than 40 cents for a lead. As low as $0.12 per lead!
  • Order prices start at just $40.00!
  • Build a Huge Opt-In List within 24 hours.
  • All 100% Opt-In Names
  • All have at least 4 fields of information
  • All our Leads have IP Addresses and Time Stamps
  • No leads are ever sold twice
  • 100% Deliverable
  • Lead Purchases fulfilled within 2 working days
  • Special Deals Offered Constantly!
  • Over 25,000,000 leads in stock right now! New Leads added all the time!

 Make NO mistake about it, these are the exact same quality of leads you pay $2 per lead with other companies, but with us you only pay 12 cents so you get them 15x cheaper, or even less!
All leads have IP's and Time Stamps so you'll never be accused of SPAM.

What kind of leads do you sell?

We provide targeted fresh home-business 100% opt-in leads with at least 4 fields of info: Name, Email, IP and Time stamp

How long does it take to receive my leads once I purchased them?

Please allow up to 48 hours to deliver your leads. Usually you'll get a mail from us within 24 hours.
All leads will be delivered to your paypal email address.

What format do these leads come in?

All the leads we sell come with IP's, Time Stamps, names and email addresses no exceptions. Some come with more information like phone numbers and addresses. 
All leads are delivered in .csv
(coma separated variable) format that can be opened by MS Excel or any other spreadsheet program. This is one of the most common format that can be imported into most database and autoresponder software.

How can you afford to sell leads this cheap?

Because we acquire all our opt-in leads in massive quantities from several verified opt-in sources. Since we all work out of our homes, don't have to pay office space and don't run an affiliate program we can easily pass these savings onto you. We don't have to charge $2 per lead or more.

How many leads do you have in stock?

So far we have just over 25 million at this time and rising.

How many times are your leads recycled (resold)?

Our leads are never sold more than once. We want to ensure that you get a fresh quality data to work with.
This is all leads are exclusively yours.

Can you provide proof these leads are all opt-in?

Of course we can. All our leads have IP Addresses and Time Stamps. We guarantee ALL of our leads are 100% opt-in. A person fills out a specialized form on one of our partner websites and agrees to receive more info re online opportunities, business, etc - voila! we get a lead.

What's the best way to make money with these leads?

Starting your own opt-in email list. With these prices you can have a very sizable one up and running in days for just a few hundred dollars. You can promote your own products or services with them and market to these leads over and over. Market affiliate programs and earn residual income. You can even sell advertising and earn guaranteed cash. Or do ad swaps. Even independent ezine owners are making upwards of $500.00 per day simply renting advertising space to prospects. You can also do lead swaps with others.

How old are your leads?

Our leads are never older than 30 days. They are being sold fast and just don't stay in our database that long.

Can I test your leads?

Sure you can! We offer a $40.00 lead package for skeptics that want to kick our tires and try us out. If you have any doubts try out this package first. If you like it, come back and purchase a larger package. However we do suggest starting off at our $250.00 package for a more valid test but we offer the $40.00 package because we want this opportunity to cater to everyone. No one gets left behind!

To order just select a package below and click on the appropriate PayPal button.

100 leads only $40


500 leads only $120


1000 leads only $225


2500 leads only $495


5000 leads only $750


10000 leads only $1200


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