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"We Have A HUGE, Eager Audience Waiting To View Your
Thru Our
Outstanding & Unique Method!"

     Tired Of Wasting Your Advertising Budget On Marketing
     Methods That Aren't Performing To Your Expectations?

     Have You Put In Hours Of Preparation To Your Web Site & Ad Copy
     Only To Find That When You Advertise, You Don't Achieve
     The  Desired Results?

Forget Those Old Methods Of Promotion... & Move Ahead With Technology!

It's Time For A New Marketing Method That Really Works!


New, State-Of-The-Art Eqqu Ads®
Guarantees Delivery Of New Customers To Your Web Site!

EQQU.com provides free web mail accounts to its members where your advertisement will serve as a text ad box displayed at the bottom of the email message body. Our members will see your advertisement every time they view emails from their family, friends and associates. Please see the example below:

Unlike other email marketing services, our text box advertisements aren't delivered via the regular email vehicle. We understand that there are too many factors against email being  delivered successfully these days... It's a real waste of the advertiser's marketing budget. That's why we developed this new technology that will appeal to advertisers by delivering quality customers to their web sites, without the hassle of spam and filters etc.

Our members will see your advertisement every time they view emails from their family, friends and associates. Please see the example below:

Eqqu Ads® are a new form of advertising utilizing pay per click technology where nothing is left to chance. We have established a huge network of users that will view our advertiser's text ads beneath their emails. Currently with well over 150K members, the EQQU network is growing by over 1,000 members every day. When they view their email, your 3 line Eqqu Ad will be shown beneath it and immediately grab their attention without hindrance.

With CPC campaigns one click is counted when a user clicks on your link and stays on your website for at least 60 seconds!


Just look at some of the benefits you will receive by advertising with us:

  • Your advertisement is guaranteed to be read by our users with a 100% open rate.

  • Reach targeted consumers where they spend the majority of their time online - viewing their email.

  • Tap into a brand new online demographics - the millions of consumers who email but rarely surf.

  • Guarantee relevance of the ad to the recipient through consumer targeting based on the member's own profile and interest preferences.

  • Benefit from the power of a personal recommendation. Your ad is viewed beneath an email from a friend, family member, or associate -- not some unsolicited offer from a stranger.

  • Choose from either CPC or CPM (Cost per Ad Click & Cost per Ad Impression) advertisement types.

  • CPC - You pay only when our users are interested in your offer, click on your ad and stay for at least 60 seconds on your site - allowing ample time to view your offer. All clicks are counted on the basis of a unique 24 hour click. This means that the same user cannot visit your site more than once in any given 24 hour period. Your web site will only receive unique, quality visitors.

  • CPM - You pay for 24 hour unique ad impressions. Users will not see your ad more than once a day.

  • Split your order over several web site URLs.

  • Highly targeted audience.

1) We do NOT accept adult, warez/hacking, racist, anti-government ads or any other material illegal in the USA.
2) We do NOT accept websites with pop-ups. Any additional window generated by your site shall be considered a popup window, including popunder windows and javascript alert windows. If a popup window is installed on the URL at any time after the campaign has begun, we may stop the campaign and you will not be entitled to a refund.
3) Your text ad and site will be reviewed before beginning the campaign. If your site is changed during the campaign such that it includes inappropriate content, we may stop your campaign immediately. In this case, you will also not be entitled to a refund.


  • Choose the type of the ad you would like to order, the number of credits and click the Buy Now button to pay.
  • During payment process please fill out the below info in the notes field on the paypal payment page: Your email, your first and last names, your desired username and password
  • As soon as your payment has been verified, you will receive a welcome email with your login details.
  • Login to your advertiser account using the username and password sent to you.
  • You will see that your account has been funded with the quantity of click or impression credits that you ordered.
  • Once there, you will be able to submit the ads and once approved the campaign will start immediately.

The orders are processed within48 hours and you will receive a confirmation email to your email address that you provided in the paypal payment notes.


CPC: Cost Per Text Ad Clicks.
It counts as one credit when a user reads your text ad,
visits your site by clicking on your text ad and stays on your site for at least 60 seconds.


Ad Type


Your Price per Click ($)

Batch Price ($)

Order Button

CPC 200 0.25 50

CPC 350 0.23 80

CPC 500 0.21 105

CPC 1000 0.20 200


2000 0.20 400


CPM: Cost Per Thousand Text Ad Views.
It counts as one credit when your text ad is viewed by an EQQU user.


Ad Type


Your Price per Impression ($)

Batch Price ($)

Order Button

CPM 5000 0.012 60

CPM 10000 0.012 120

CPM 20000 0.01 200


50000 0.01 500


Your order will be confirmed and started within 48 hours.
You will be able to login with your username and password and watch your progress live.


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